Properties of fluid

Theory of Machines (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The motion between a pair which takes place in __________ is known as incompletely constrained motion.

2. A torsional system with discs of moment of inertia I₁ and I₂ as shown in the below figure, is gear driven such that the ratio of speed of shaft B to shaft A is 'G'. Neglecting the inertia of gears, the equivalent inertia of disc on shaft B at the speed of shaft A is equal to


3. The frictional torque transmitted in a flat pivot bearing, considering uniform pressure, is (where μ = Coefficient of friction, W = Load over the bearing, and R = Radius of bearing surface)

4. A typewriter mechanism has 7 numbers of binary joints, six links and none of higher pairs. The mechanism is

5. The magnitude of velocities of the points on a rigid link is

6. The maximum efficiency of spiral gears is (where θ = Shaft angle, and φ = Friction angle)

7. If the opposite links of a four bar linkage are equal, the links will always form a

8. The velocity of a flat-faced follower when it has contact with the flank of a circular arc cam, is given by

9. Two systems shall be dynamically equivalent when

10. The motion of a shaft in a circular hole is an example of