Steering (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The action necessary to transfer the steering control from the wheelhouse to local control in order to use the steering gear room trick wheel, is to ____________.

2. As the designated rudder angle is being achieved, as a result of the original command input, the steering gear follow-up mechanism is ____________.

3. If one hydraulic pump of an electro-hydraulic steering unit fails, the vessel's steering can be initially and best maintained by using the ____________.

4. When there is no movement of the rams on an electro-hydraulic steering gear, the tilting box of the running pump is ____________.

5. When the helm demands a 20‚ right rudder movement from an electro-hydraulic steering gear, which of the listed actions will be the FIRST action to happen when this rudder position is attained?

6. In an electro-hydraulic steering system, rudder movement is maintained in close synchronization with the steering wheel position by means of the ____________.

7. Which of the devices listed, when used on an electro-hydraulic steering gear, keeps the movement of the rudder closely in step with the steering wheel?

8. Your vessel is departing at 1800 hours on a voyage of more than 48 hours duration. Regulations require that the steering gear be examined and tested no earlier than ____________.

9. The follow-up gear on an electro-hydraulic steering gear ____________.

10. Which of the following statements concerning the operation of a single-acting hydraulic ram is correct?