Steam, Heat & Thermodynamics (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The energy associated with molecules is known as ___________.

2. A bourdon tube-type steam pressure gage is fitted with a siphon loop to prevent damage from ___________.

3. Which of the following guidelines is considered to reflect good design practices of shipboard steam heating systems?

4. If the fixed orifice in the evaporator steam supply line were to be removed, the steam pressure reducing valvelocated upstream would ___________.

5. Regarding the low pressure evaporator steam control orifice in the live steam supply line, the steam at the outlet of the orifice if not properly conditioned will be developed as ___________.

6. A vapor under pressure stays in contact with, and at the same temperature as the liquid from which it was generated. The vapor and liquid in this situation are, therefore, said to be in a/an ___________.

7. Which of the following statements concerning the operation of steam pressure reducing valves is correct?

8. The basic function of a steam trap is to ___________.

9. Mechanical energy in transition is referred to as ___________.

10. Which of the following forms of energy is usually associated with relatively large bodies or objects?