Ship Construction, Repairs & Regulations (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The gasket and the broken studs have been replaced on a tank manhole cover. Which of the following methods is satisfactory for testing the repair?

2. Vertical transverse structures in the double bottom are known as _____________.

3. The garboard strake is located _____________.

4. The end joint formed by adjoining plates in a hull plating strake is properly identified as a _____________.

5. Structural members used to support and transmit the downward force of the load and distribute that force over a large area, are called _____________.

6. The welded joint located between two plates in the same strake of hull plating is called a _____________.

7. Vertical support members used to strengthen bulkheads are called _____________.

8. The double bottom in a vessel is a space comprised of _____________.

9. The inner bottom of a ship is the _____________.

10. A shot of anchor chain has a length of _____________.