Sanitory & Sewage System (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The process of grinding, shredding, or reducing the size of sewage particles is known as ___________.

2. In sewage treatment, the term "maceration" refers to the process of ___________.

3. A P-type trap and drain is used ___________.

4. The drains of lavatory sinks are fitted with P-type or S-type traps to ___________.

5. A vessel is in compliance with federal regulations regarding the discharge of sewage by ___________.

6. A pneumatic pressure tank is installed in a sanitary system to ___________.

7. The flame screens installed on sewage system tank vents prevent explosions by ___________.

8. The process of grinding or shredding sewage into smaller particles is known as ___________.

9. An S-type trap and drain is used ___________.

10. Traps in plumbing drains are designed to help prevent ___________.