Pumps & Eductors (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is water traveling along the shaft of a centrifugal pump prevented from entering the shaft bearing?

2. Which of the listed types of pumps is NOT likely to be installed in a main drainage or evacuation system?

3. Why are removable sleeves installed on centrifugal pump shafts?

4. A boiler forced draft pressure gage indicates 15 cms of water. This corresponds to a pressure of _____________.

5. An inadequate reciprocating bilge pump discharge is most often caused by _____________.

6. Increasing the speed of a rotary pump above its rated speed will result in which of the following conditions to occur?

7. Propeller pumps are used primarily where there is a need to move a large volume of liquid. However, their use is limited by a maximum total head of _____________.

8. If a centrifugal pump is driven by a constant speed electric motor and produces a discharge pressure less than designed, the cause is probably _____________.

9. Which features of a centrifugal pump reduce the need for renewing worn impellers and pump casings?

10. A centrifugal pump may fail to deliver water when first started if the _____________.