Propeller, Shafting & Stern Tube Bearing (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which combination of the main shaft segments listed below, that are located furthest from the main engine, are connected by the inboard stern tube shaft coupling?

2. Which of the following statements describes the purpose of the split inflatable seal installed aft of the primary seal assembly for the propeller shaft?

3. The exposed portion of the outboard propeller shaft is protected against seawater corrosion by ________________.

4. Water leaking through the stern tube stuffing box is used to accomplish which of the following actions?

5. One of the determining factors regulating the time interval for drawing a vessel's tailshaft depends upon the design to reduce stress concentrations in accordance with Class standards. Which construction method meets this design criteria?

6. Some vessels are equipped with a water lubricated stern tube. When at sea, operating under normal conditions, the water service valve from the ship's saltwater system to the bearing should be ________________.

7. An excessive amount of water is prevented from entering a vessel using a water lubricated stern tube bearing by the use of the ________________.

8. The device used to retain the packing, that keeps water from entering the ship through the opening where the propeller shaft passes through the hull, is called a ________________.

9. If water were a semisolid, the linear distance a propeller would advance in one revolution is the ________________.

10. Excessive propeller vibration may occur as a result of ________________.