Distilling & Potable Water System (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A high reading at a salinity cell located in the loop seal between two stages of a flash type evaporator would indicate ___________.

2. Fluctuations in the pressure and temperature of the steam supplied to the first-effect of a low pressure submerged tube distilling plant will cause ___________.

3. Which of the following descriptions best identifies the operating principal of a flash-type evaporator?

4. Which of the listed problems could produce a high absolute pressure within a flash type evaporator?

5. One advantage of a triple-effect low pressure submerged tube distilling plant over a double-effect unit is ___________.

6. A salinity indicating system functions on the basic principle of measuring the ___________.

7. One distinct advantage of flash type evaporators, as compared to most other evaporators, is that in a flash evaporator ___________.

8. Early models of the flash-type evaporators used a separate shell- and-tube heat exchanger as the air ejector condenser. More recent models use a combined air ejector condenser with the ___________.

9. If the supplied steam pressure to the first effect of a submerged tube distilling plant is allowed to fluctuate, the distiller ___________.

10. Fluctuating pressures and temperatures in an evaporator will ___________.