Motor - Starting & Reversing (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where engine bores exceed 230 mm, a bursting disc or flame arrester is to be fitted _____________.

2. What may be used to protect starting air mains against explosions arising from improperly functioning starting valves?

3. The total air capacity for non-reversible main engines is to be sufficient for ______________.

4. Starting a large propulsion diesel engine using diesel fuel during cold weather conditions can be made easier by ____________.

5. A diesel engine is turned at normal cranking speed, but fails to fire. This can occur from .

6. Which of the following methods is used to prevent throttling of compressed air through the diesel engine air starting valves?

7. In the starting process of a diesel engine, the main object is to attain the compression conditions sufficient to ___________.

8. Fluid type starting motors used for starting auxiliary diesel engines may either be of the piston type or the ____________.

9. A six-cylinder, four-stroke/cycle diesel engine is fitted with a rotary distributor type air starting system. The speed of the rotating distributor disc is _______________.

10. In addition to a main engine driven starting air compressor, another air compressor, driven by a separate power source, is installed to _______________.