Properties of fluid

Motor - Design, Components (Set 5)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A diesel engine with a full speed of 1000 RPM drives a propeller at 300 RPM. What is the speed reduction ratio?

2. Which of the listed design features is most common to a two-stroke/cycle low-speed main propulsion diesel engines?

3. Why is the ring belt narrower in diameter than the skirt of a piston designed for a diesel engine?

4. Which statement about diesel engine combustion is true?

5. The diameter of a piston is usually less at the crown than at the skirt, in order to ___________.

6. Why are some diesel engine cylinder liners plated on the wearing surface with porous chromium?

7. The fuel injection pumps on a diesel engine are controlled by a linkage system attached to the _________________.

8. What type of fitting is to be used on diesel engine fuel injection line piping?

9. The ability of a fuel particle to travel into the combustion chamber before burning is called ________________.

10. Theoretical perfect combustion in a diesel engine yields by-products of _______________.