Properties of fluid

Motor - Design, Components (Set 4)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Some fuel injection systems utilize port-and-helix metering. Which of the following statement describes a system "timed for port closing"?

2. An individual injection pump is designed for variable beginning and constant ending of injection. For diesel engines operating at constant speeds, the start of injection will _____________.

3. A crankshaft whose center of gravity coincides with its center line is said to be ____________.

4. The amount of fuel injected in a particular time, or degree, of crankshaft rotation is termed _____________.

5. The small end of the connecting rod is attached to the piston with a _____________.

6. At dead center, the centerline of the connecting rod usually coincides with the _____________.

7. Connecting rods in a diesel engine are used to connect the ___________.

8. Movement of the pump control rack in a fuel injection system using individual plunger-type pumps _____________.

9. The purpose of a heat dam used in some diesel engine cast iron pistons is to _____________.

10. Diesel engines are classified as reciprocating internal combustion engines because they _______________.