Properties of fluid

Motor - Design, Components (Set 3)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the fuel delivery check valve located in a jerk pump fuel injection system?

2. How many crankcase relief valves are required for a 325mm bore, eight cylinder in-line engine?

3. Which of the air intake systems listed will result in the lowest specific fuel consumption?

4. In which of the following areas of a crosshead engine is a permanently connected fire extinguishing system required?

5. Camshafts are usually driven by timing gears or _____________.

6. The valve cam slope angle determines the _______________.

7. The arrangement and shape of the cams on a diesel engine camshaft directly control which of the listed groups of operating conditions?

8. Carbon deposits building up, in, and around the injection nozzle tip are least likely to occur when using which of the listed types of fuel injector nozzles?

9. A port-and-helix fuel injection pump having upper and lower plunger helixes is designed to ____________.

10. Which of the following statements describes a fuel injection pump marked "timed for port closing"?