Properties of fluid

Motor - Design, Components (Set 2)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lubricating oil is supplied to the crankpin bearings in a marine diesel engine by _____________.

2. Gudgeonpin bearings are difficult to lubricate because of their oscillating motion and ______________.

3. The camshaft drive is designed to maintain proper camshaft speed relative to crankshaft speed. In maintaining this relationship, the camshaft drive causes the camshaft to rotate at _______________.

4. Engines having a bore exceeding 250 mm, but not exceeding 300 mm are to have at least ______________.

5. The opening of an exhaust valve on a modern, large, low- speed, main propulsion diesel engine, may be actuated by _________________.

6. Shaker, circulation, and spray are the three general methods used in ____________.

7. The speed of the camshaft in a two-stroke/cycle diesel engine, running at 950 RPM, is ________________.

8. Explosion relief valves on diesel engine crankcases should relieve the pressure at not more than ______________.

9. A two stroke diesel engine exhaust temperaturewill be lower than a four stroke diesel engine of the same displacement because the _______________.
I. scavenging air is cooling the exhaust gases
II. exhaust cycle time is longer

10. The sealing surfaces of a diesel engine piston ring are considered to be the faces in contact with the cylinder wall, in addition to the ring groove ____________.