Metallurgy & Non-Destructive Testing (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The purpose of annealing any metal is to make the metal ______________.

2. The ability of a metal to be hammered, or rolled out is called its ______________.

3. To anneal a copper gasket, you should heat the gasket ______________.

4. Copper is sometimes used for fluid power lines because it ______________.

5. Which of the following propeller materials will not require stress relief treatment after minor repairs, straightening of the tips or the thinning of the blade edges?

6. In certain circumstances, weldments are preheated before each pass to ______________.

7. The probability of sulfide stress cracking in the presence of hydrogen sulfide is greatest for ______________.

8. Which of the listed effects represents the purpose of heat treating steel?

9. When using the circular magnetic particle method to nondestructively test a weldment, the best results are obtained when the ______________.

10. Which of the listed methods used for testing a metal, measures the ability of a metal to absorb the energy of a load rapidly applied to the member?