Haydraulic & Deck Machinary (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a radial piston pump, reversal and control of fluid flow are accomplished by moving the ___________.

2. The usual number of single-acting pistons used in a variable stroke axial-piston pump is ___________.

3. Dryseal threads, typically used for tubing to pipe connectors, and threaded piping in hydraulic systems are ___________.

4. The size of flexible hose used in a hydraulic system is indicated by ___________.

5. To charge a bladder type hydraulic accumulator ___________.

6. Before doing any work on a hydraulic system equipped with accumulators, you should ___________.

7. In application, which of the listed sealing devices is most similar to an O-ring?

8. As a rule of thumb, when pressure is applied to hydraulic oil, the oil will ___________.

9. The purpose of an accumulator in a hydraulic system is to ___________.

10. Obstructed suction passages in the casing or pintle of a radial piston hydraulic pump will cause the ___________.