Governor & Overspeed Control (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Diesel engines driving alternators operating in parallel must maintain a set frequency regardless of load changes. The governor characteristic used to accomplish this is known as _____________.

2. Increasing the load on an engine equipped with a constant speed mechanical governor, will cause the engine speed to initially _______________.

3. How is the diesel engine operating RPM affected when a "ZERO DROOP" setting is selected on the governor?

4. If the main propulsion diesel engine governor works irregularly with a jerking motion, a possible cause can be _______.

5. On a diesel engine equipped with an isochronous governor, if the "speed droop" control is reduced to the "zero" setting, the engine _______________.

6. The required amount in the change of speed necessary before a governor will make a corrective movement is known as ____________.

7. Air bubbles in a hydraulic governor can cause ___________.

8. Which of the listed governor operating characteristics is considered to be isochronous?

9. Governor hunting is caused by _____________.

10. A continuous fluctuation of the speed, due to overcontrol by the governor, is known as ______________.