Properties of fluid

Cooling System & Maintenance (Set 3)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When checking zincs in a saltwater cooled heat exchanger, you should ______________.

2. A diesel engine cooling water system with a pH factor of 3.0 indicates a condition of ___________.

3. Which of the listed effects would the film of alkaline chromate have on the metal surfaces of the cooling systemof a diesel engine?

4. Antifreeze solutions containing ethylene glycol, should not be mixed with corrosion protection oils, as the resultant mixture _____________.

5. If the coolant temperature of a closed cooling water system for a diesel engine gradually increases, the trouble usually is _______________.

6. Ethylene glycol, when used as a coolant in a closed cooling system for a diesel engine, is more advantageous than untreated raw water because it _____________.

7. In a diesel engine cooling water system, a pH of 6.0 indicates a/an ______________.

8. Failure to ensure proper venting of the cooling system of a diesel engine can result in ______________.

9. If the jacket water temperature of an operating diesel engine suddenly rises above normal, the cause can be attributed to _________________.

10. If the raw water supply pressure for a diesel engine cooling system is below normal, you should check for a ____________.