Compressed Air System (Set 1)

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The process of removing moisture from air is known as ____________.

2. Increasing the moisture content of conditioned air is known as ____________.

3. A first stage unloader installed in a low pressure air compressor is unable to completely retract. This will result in ____________.

4. A viscous film of oil collected between the valve face and seat of a low pressure reciprocating air compressor will ____________.

5. The purpose of an air compressor unloading device is to ____________.

6. Over pressurization of an air compressor intercooler is prevented by the ____________.

7. Air blowing from the intake air filter of an operating air compressor indicates ____________.

8. One method of unloading a low pressure air compressor at start-up is accomplished by ____________.

9. In a low pressure air compressor, the loss of volumetric efficiency normally results from ____________.

10. To obtain maximum efficiency, two stage air compressors are usually ____________.